Episode 11: Zac Efron Deserves to Get Peed On


This week is one of our best yet! We have special guest Max Roahrig of Flixist and the Flixist Show come on as we all discuss how terrible Rob Liefeld is, Valve’s awesome Source Filmmaker, the Half-Life 3 leaks, Ron gets mad at Nintendo and there’s a crapload of new Marvel film rumors. Bon apetit!

Episode 11: Zac Efron Deserves to Get Peed On


Episode 10: Nicole Kidman Watersports

Originally this episode was titled “God Dammit James Gunn” because James Gunn Tweets a stupid thing while we record this but how did I forget our glorious into? Nicole Kidman pees on dudes, James Gunn says stupid stuff, Ron really like Lollipop Chainsaw and E3 shit. Listen now my lovelies.

Episode 10: Nicole Kidman Watersports

E3Cast 2012: Microsoft

Another E3 has come and gone. It was bit of a divisive one, some loved and a lot hated it but nonetheless it’s hard to say there was nothing this E3 you weren’t looking forward to. And as is tradition we held our usual community podcast where NWP and any willing participants dished during the press conferences.

Special thanks to @GuncannonD for stepping up in the final hour to host and record pretty much all of E3Cast. It couldn’t happen without him. And thank you to our wonderful guests @vApathyv, @Scion_of_Mogo, @welshedderz, @Ramsteinrig@griffplar, @Aurvant and @Daxelman. If we forgot you we sincerely apologize! It’s 1:50 AM and we’re tired!

And keep an eye out on the NWP Twitter account as we have some special episodes coming up including a Prometheus spoilercast this week!

E3Cast 2012: Microsoft

HELLA EDIT: So you live and learn, right? Hehe. In order to get these to show up separately in iTunes we had to make a post for each one. So we did! And they’re…there. Soooo….yeah.

Episode 3: The Sliding Scale of Dick

Welcome one and all to the incredible audible circus we call the Nerds with a Podcast podcast!  This episode we had a bit of a cast change as Ian was busy catching up on some well deserved rest. So friend (sort of) of the podcast Alex Jones came on to provide a bit of English snark as evidenced by the above picture.

This week we talked about DC Comics movies, Japanese stuff, Hunger Games’ sequel Catching Fire (some more),  we agree with Christopher Nolan on stuff and more!

Episode 3: The Sliding Scale of Dick

Episode 2: The Problems with Remakes

Getting better with every episode me thinks. In this episode we discuss the short list of considered directors for Catching Fire, Looper, the “dark” Sabrina reboot, Carrie and the problems with remakes, Dishonored, Kickstarter and the process of scoring a video game for review!

BUT WAIT, THERE’S MORE! If you follow Ian on Twitter, @stillgray, and send him a question for next weeks he might give you a beta key to the MMORPG Guild Wars 2. Get on that!

Episode 2: The Problems with Remakes

Episode 1: Longcast

With a great pilot under our belt this weeks episode keeps the train rollin’! In this particularly long episode we discuss PAX, fairy tales, what the hell DC Comics is doing, sandwiches and make a special Gameranx announcement!

Episode 1: Longcast

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Pilot Episode: Capcom is Lindsay Lohan’s Sn*tch

Ladies and gentlemen welcome to the beginning of something! This here is the pilot episode for a podcast that didn’t have a name until an hour before recording. We are four fine young people with a passion for all types of entertainment and strong opinions. In this podcast you can expect nothing but the wittiest jokes, the sweetest of hearts and the classiest class of all the class. Can’t you tell?

In this week’s episode we discuss the film adaptation of Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles and it’s relevance to the liberties that should be allowed when long running stories cross over into different mediums. We also talk about comparisons made between Hunger Games and Battle Royale, Brazzers sponsoring the FGC, first impressions of Seth MacFarlane’s Ted, the potential return of Toonami and Genndy Tartakovsky’s Hotel Transylvania. Enjoy!

Nerds with a Podcast Pilot Episode: Capcom is Lindsay Lohan’s Sn*tch

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