Nerds with a Podcast is the unofficial best best comic book/video game/film podcast ever. Led by a passionate cast of well versed nerds, the NWP crew talks about a variety topics dealing with some of the most interesting subjects in all kinds of entertainment industries. All the opinions expressed are as genuine as the individuals behind them!

The Nerds with a Podcast are Gameranx’ Ron Taylor and Ian Miles Cheong, PikiGeek’s Jen Shaffer and Kevin “Xzyliac” Hummons.

Ron Taylor (@TaleSpun)

Ron is a gamer, writer, podcaster, your best friend from high school, and the man of your dreams. He enjoys the consumption, analysis, and discussion of (most) entertainment media. He co-created/hosts gaming podcast Start>Select>Talk!, has written for Nukezilla and currently spews words for Gameranx.

Ian Miles Cheong (@stillgray)

Ian is a writer some of the time and an editor most of the time. His hobbies are probably the same as the ones you have. He’s been reading numerous comics including Northlanders, DMZ, and the relatively new Witchfinder by Mike Mignola. He’s also got his head buried in the Malazan Book of the Fallen series of novels by Steven Erikson.

Jen Shaffer (@jenfoldsfive)

Jen is a lady by nature, a gamer at heart, an artist by trade, and a nerd by birthright. She’s a former reviewer for Classic Game Room, a cohost of the podcast +10 Charisma, and current shouter-about-video-games for PikiGeek. You can bet that if it involves video games, Jen has her hand deep within its sticky recesses. Also, she was raised by 8-bit courage wolves.

Kevin “Xzyliac” Hummons (@Xzyliac)

Xzyliac is a nerd of all trades and the host. Raised with video games, comic books and Saturday morning cartoons he has a passion for all forms of entertainment. Critical and outspoken by nature his love for entertainment means there’s always something he’s ready to talk about. He his a former news and reviews writer for VidGameWriters, current contributor to Stereotoid and former lots of things for a billion other sites that don’t exist anymore. Featured on Destructoid a few times. Host of the terrible Flixist Batcast.  Favorite things include (but are not limited to) DC Comics, Coen brothers movies, Game Dev Story, La Roux, fetish culture, Daria and 80’s mohawk Storm. Tweets too much.


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