E3Cast 2012: Microsoft

Another E3 has come and gone. It was bit of a divisive one, some loved and a lot hated it but nonetheless it’s hard to say there was nothing this E3 you weren’t looking forward to. And as is tradition we held our usual community podcast where NWP and any willing participants dished during the press conferences.

Special thanks to @GuncannonD for stepping up in the final hour to host and record pretty much all of E3Cast. It couldn’t happen without him. And thank you to our wonderful guests @vApathyv, @Scion_of_Mogo, @welshedderz, @Ramsteinrig@griffplar, @Aurvant and @Daxelman. If we forgot you we sincerely apologize! It’s 1:50 AM and we’re tired!

And keep an eye out on the NWP Twitter account as we have some special episodes coming up including a Prometheus spoilercast this week!

E3Cast 2012: Microsoft

HELLA EDIT: So you live and learn, right? Hehe. In order to get these to show up separately in iTunes we had to make a post for each one. So we did! And they’re…there. Soooo….yeah.


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